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Get Your Hair Looking Naturally Thick Again

Portrait of a man with a black thick beard and long hair.

Searching for hair solutions can feel like an uphill battle. Many yearn for thick, healthy hair, but genetics, age, and environmental stressors can take a toll on our locks. 

While some consider valid measures such as transplants, product subscriptions, wigs, or just shaving it off, there are techniques that can stimulate natural hair follicle growth and help patients restore that coveted thickness. 

Treatment Options:

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy is an excellent treatment option for hair restoration. By utilizing your platelets and growth factors, Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix stimulates the hair follicles, improving hair thickness and density. The procedure is simple: blood is drawn, processed to concentrate the platelets (stimulates healing), and injected into the scalp. This treatment stimulates follicle growth, helps tissue repair, and reduces inflammation, offering multiple benefits in one go.

Exosomes have emerged as a promising solution for hair rejuvenation. These tiny vesicles contain growth factors and signaling molecules that facilitate cell communication and promote hair follicle regeneration. Applying exosomes to the scalp can revitalize hair growth and restore thickness. This hassle-free and non-invasive treatment makes it an accessible option for those seeking natural hair restoration methods.

Keravive combines the benefits of HydraFacial technology with a specialized serum designed to enhance scalp health and promote hair growth. The three-step treatment involves scalp exfoliation, infusion of growth factors, peptides, and vitamins, and a gentle scalp massage. Keravive effectively removes buildup, nourishes the scalp, and improves blood circulation, providing an optimal environment for hair growth. The convenience and ease of the treatment make it an attractive choice for individuals looking to boost overall scalp health. It also features a take-home spray to help patients maintain benefits following the treatment. Additionally, Keravive is an excellent treatment to combine with other known hair loss solutions for maximum benefit. 

Extra Facts and Benefits:

  • PRF stimulates hair growth and also aids in tissue repair, and reduces inflammation, making it a comprehensive solution for hair restoration.
  • Exosomes promote hair follicle regeneration and can improve the overall health of the scalp, leading to more robust and thicker hair growth.
  • Keravive’s scalp exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and buildup, improving the absorption of nutrients and enhancing the efficacy of the treatment.

All three treatments mentioned—PRF, exosomes, and Keravive—require minimal downtime. They are non-surgical and non-invasive, making them suitable for individuals seeking natural solutions for hair restoration. The convenience and ease of these treatments make them accessible options for those looking to address hair loss or thinning.

At Blue Medical Spa, these treatments are precise and performed by professionals, ensuring a hassle-free experience for individuals seeking to restore their hair’s vitality. Embrace these natural methods and say hello to voluminous, rejuvenated hair.

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