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Blue Medical Spa

Laser Hair Removal

Our cutting-edge laser treatment leaves little evidence or worry of unwanted hair.

The Removal Process

Laser Hair Removal targets concentrated beams of light towards the pigment in hair follicles, effectively heating them to inhibit future growth. The laser’s wavelength is precisely calibrated to maximize absorption by the hair follicles while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin. The laser is pulsed for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to damage the follicle, while the system’s unique, patented contact-cooling hand piece, helps protect the skin by conductive cooling during the laser energy delivery.
Triton device laser hair removal in Sherman Oaks.

Triton by InMode

Using Fusion Technology, Triton is the only hair removal option that combines the three most popular wavelengths in one platform. Triton delivers permanent results on any skin type up to VI.

Vectus laser hair removal at Blue Medical Spa in Los Angeles.

Vectus by Cynosure

Vectus can remove hair from almost anywhere on the body: face, back, chest, arms, underarms, bikini area, and legs. Cynosure’s Vectus technology offers large spot sizes to treat more extensive surface areas such as the back or entire leg, in less time.

Skintel™ Melanin Reader makes Hair Removal even more effective with Blue Medical Spa.

Skintel™ Melanin Reader

Combined with Vectus technology, the Skintel reader gives Blue's providers an accurate method of measuring melanin for better treatment guidance and increased confidence in the laser hair removal process.

Laser Hair Removal Before & After

Remove Unwanted Hair at Blue Medi Spa

Feel smooth skin in no time at our spa in Sherman Oaks. Forget about having to fuss with razors and waxes. Schedule your laser hair appointment today at our top-rated Los Angeles medi spa today.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The handpiece cools and soothes as it glides along your skin. Some patients experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation when the light pulse is delivered. No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required; however, some patients may prefer topical anesthetics when treating sensitive areas.

You can immediately return to your normal activities after treatment, but the treated area may appear red and swollen. Sunscreen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun. In addition, your physician may recommend that you use a specially formulated skin care product line or prescribe a skin care regimen especially formulated for your skin type. Three to seven days after treatment, you may experience what seems to be a regrowth of hair. Most of these hairs are being shed due to torment and are not regrowing. It would be best not to wax or pluck your hair between treatments, but shaving is permissible.

Although patients experience few side effects, the most commonly noticed are slight reddening and local skin swelling, similar to a sunburn. These effects typically last for several hours or less. In rare instances, blistering may occur. Consult with your medical professional for complete information on the benefits and risks of treatment.

Most areas require 3-6 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated, and your hair’s growth cycle. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing simultaneously and go through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting. Laser Hair Removal works by turning off the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the treatment time. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional treatments may be necessary to deactivate all hair follicles in a given area.

Laser Hair Removal safely and effectively treats all skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI) and tanned skin. Appropriate fluences are generally lower for darker skin types and people with tans, and appropriate pulse widths are generally more extended to prevent epidermal damage. However, people with all skin types can benefit from using the appropriate treatment parameters.

Blue offers the Lumenis LightSheer Diode Laser System and the Cutera CoolGlide using the latest technology. Both systems were designed from the ground up for hair removal, so they possess the wavelength, fluence, pulse width, and active epidermal cooling system ideally suited for Laser Hair Removal. Cleared for permanent hair reduction, Blue’s Laser Hair Removal systems can treat men and women of all skin types and tones safely and effectively, even patients with a suntan. Our systems can rapidly address large areas without the limitations of older technologies and are adjustable enough to treat the fine hair on a woman’s upper lip just as quickly and effectively as the coarse hair on a man’s back. The customized cooling feature increases patient comfort and minimizes the adverse skin reaction commonly seen with other lasers. The unique design and longer wavelength allow highly effective, safe, and permanent results.

Pre + Post Care Instructions

No Accutane use for 6 months prior to treatment. Do not tan the areas being treated for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Do not use self-tanning products for 2 weeks prior to treatment. Do not wax, pluck or have electrolysis 3 weeks prior to treatment. Stop all Retin-A, Retinol, Renova, glycolics, bleaching creams and exfoliants 3 to 4 days prior to treatment. Before every treatment shave the area being treated closely. If you are unable to shave the area yourself, please let us know when making your appointment so we can schedule your time accordingly. Do not wear deodorant or makeup on area to be treated. If you choose to apply a topical anesthetic, it must be applied 1 hour prior to treatment and covered with plastic wrap.
You may have transient redness, swelling, itching and/or burning sensations for a few minutes up to 48 hours. You may apply aloe vera, hydrocortisone cream 1%, cold compresses or antibiotic cream if needed. Avoid direct sunlight. Wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Do not apply makeup to the treated area until all the redness has subsided. Avoid soaking for 24 to 48 hours. No hot tubs, whirlpools or baths, but showers are okay. Avoid excessive sweating for 24 to 48 hours. No saunas or vigorous working out. Avoid irritants, such Retin-A, Retinol, Renova, glycolics, bleaching creams and exfoliants for one week. Do not wax or pluck any hairs between treatment sessions. Shaving and trimming is okay. Do not manipulate the skin on the treated areas. If crusting or scabbing develops, allow it to fall off on its own so not to damage the skin beneath. After the treatment (up to 3 weeks) some hair may seem to be re-growing. This is usually the elimination of the hair that remained under the skin and is not true re-growth. You may exfoliate with a loofah sponge in the shower or with a soft washcloth or towel when you get out of the shower as long as your skin is not sore or irritated.
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