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The Facial For Your Scalp: HydraFacial Keravive Brings Hair Back To Life


Whether your concern is a dry, itchy scalp, hair loss, or dull-looking strands, HydraFacial Keravive is your ticket to the healthiest-looking head of hair you've ever had. 

Inspired by the popular HydraFacial treatment for your face, the HydraFacial Keravive treatment takes the technology applied to giving your skin that healthy glow we all dream of and brings it right up to your scalp. This ground-breaking treatment cleanses, hydrates, nourishes, and stimulates the scalp, and the results will have you taking a double glance in the mirror to ensure that's your fuller, healthier hair you're looking at. This treatment is for anyone looking to improve their scalp health, but if you're experiencing hair loss or scalp irritation, the HydraFacial Keravive treatment can help you achieve your goals. 

There are several factors that can contribute to problems concerning the scalp: stress, genetics, hormones, and trips to the salon for color processing are among the many. And while you may think your strands are dead as a doornail, the follicle itself is alive and trying its best to work through the buildup and stress from over-processed hair. The key to having healthy hair from root to tip starts right at the root, and once you've got your scalp in check, your hair can start to benefit. 

The Treatment

For HydraFacial Keravive, you'll arrive with clean, dry hair, which is best for the treatment to work its magic. Your hairstyle won't be compromised much (although your scalp will get wet), so you can get back to work, running errands, or meet with friends without worrying too much about hiding your 'do. 

Using a "vacuum", the first step is to clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your scalp by removing the build-up keeping your hair follicles from functioning at their highest level. This process is both pain-free and invigorating, and you can even see what's being pulled from your pores. So, if you're one of those people obsessed with pimple-popping videos on social media, then you'll probably love seeing the gunk that comes out of your head. 

After your scalp has gotten the cleansing of its life, a proprietary blend of growth factors and proteins is applied followed by a nourishing serum and scalp stimulation. When the HydraFacial Keravive treatment is done, you can go about your day as normal, letting the products fully absorb and do their jobs. 

Once home, you don't have to immediately hop in the shower. In fact, it's best to let the products stay on as long as possible. But once you finally start back up with your usual daily hair care routine, you'll use the HydraFacial Keravive Peptide Complex Spray to enhance the in?office treatment and deliver daily nourishment to your scalp and hair follicles.

It's recommended to have the HydraFacial Keravive in-office treatment once a month for 3 consecutive months combined with daily use of the take-home spray. From there, you can follow up with treatments as needed and work with your technician to determine the best timeline that works for your scalp concerns.

For more information, call our concierge at 818.783.3600


No matter how often you shampoo your hair, your scalp isn't getting as clean as you think it is.

Skin Health and Mask Facts



Personally, I had an easy time transitioning to staying at home 24/7 due to being an extreme introvert. Plus, I've got the sweetest fur babies that don't mind mommy doting on them all day. 

With that, my one constant is taking care of my skin. With nowhere to go, it's been fantastic creating customized facials for my skin week by week and really getting into it. YET, the downfall of it all is the abundance of congestion that has taken over. Week by week, I couldn't figure out why my skin was breaking out even though I've been on my A-game. Then one day, my manager/friend who constantly blows my mind with how smart she is, looked at me and said, "duh girl - it's because of our masks!" At that moment, my head exploded. Like, how could I not put the two and two together? I then did a deep dive and asked the people in my life if they've been experiencing the same thing. Sure enough, they have. 

With conflicting opinions being spread like wildfire, it is important that we are all staying diligent in not spreading false information to prevent harm for those that are immunocompromised. Let's quickly go through some popular questions about wearing a mask and how to take care of your skin with it.

1. Wearing a mask causes an influx of carbon dioxide and is dangerous

What's True  

Breathing in excessive carbon dioxide is dangerous for the body. Some people with preexisting respiratory illnesses may face health issues only with prolonged use of tight-fitting masks, such as respirators.

What's False

However, people wearing cloth or surgical masks are in little to no danger of breathing in unhealthy amounts of carbon dioxide." (

2. Wearing a mask doesn't 100% prevent the spread of COVID-19


It is not something to completely rely on, yet it can drastically control the spread of it if everyone complies. This is why the specialists recommend to honor the 6 ft social distancing, wear a mask, stay home when you can, and practice proper sanitation consistently. Also, go online and look up where to take the COVID -19 and antibodies test for free, and to call your doctor if you're showing any symptoms.

3. I think I already got it, that excludes me from having to wear my mask


If you're not sure if you had a really bad flu or COVID-19 or if it was confirmed that you did have it, then you MUST still wear your mask. You can still carry the virus! Don't be selfish and be courteous to others.

4. Maskne (Mask Acne) is real and can cause congestion, blackheads, cystic breakouts


At this point, we all know this to be true, as I had mentioned it earlier. When we are wearing our mask, we are not allowing our skin to breathe which results in makeup being rubbed into our skin, sweat is being produced at a more consistent rate, and saliva being spread due to coughing/sneezing. Also, it is important to wash your hands before and after you touch your mask.

5. Washing your mask is important for your health 


Let's face it, at this point in time masks will be a part of our lives moving forward. We now have designers making masks that look fashionable and also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I have purchased multiple masks from small companies and have enough to last me a week at a time. For me, it's eco-friendly to do it this way while also looking cute! 

Yet, even though they may look cute, it still isn't the best way to protect yourself. Since surgical masks like the N95 should be saved for people working on the front lines, a way you can give yourself added protection is by placing a paper towel or coffee filter inside your mask; it must cover your mouth AND nose. By doing this, your protection will increase by 33% and maintain the longevity of your mask. It is important that you keep your masks clean to help prevent the bacteria to spread. Make sure you treat your mask like a bio hazard item. I keep a sealed bag next to my door so that I place them in there as soon as I get home. 

Here are the best ways to disinfect your masks:
- Hand washing your mask in soapy water or machine wash
- If you're running out of time, you can purchase CPAP Mask Cleansing Wipes that are non-irritating to the skin 

What can be done to help address my skin concerns since we are required to wear masks by law?

Confidently, I can say don't do what I'm doing by extracting the breakouts yourself. Since I am a licensed Aesthetician, I know what my skin can handle and have almost 8 years experience working with tools to safely and correctly decongest my skin.

If you are stubborn and can't resist popping that breakout. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, wash your hands, then wash your skin, pop it gently by giving it 3 loving attempts and if it doesn't budge then STOP and apply alcohol to prevent the bacteria from spreading. You never want to push because it'll getting worse and most likely leaving a scar. 


I'm sure most of you have read my previous blogs about me raving about other various products that have helped me with my acne, but if you haven't, definitely take time to do so because I go into detail about how they've truly changed my life.

I will say that the two products which have been my saving grace during Safe at Home has been using a gentle daily exfoliating cleanser like Skin Medica's AHA/BHA Cleanser. I'm not kidding, as soon as I started being consistent with using it twice a day I've seen a dramatic improvement in less than 2 weeks. 

The other is using Skin Medica's Retinol .5 every night. For a Retinol, this is very tolerable on the skin. I'm telling you, I am so sensitive and can't do peels because of the reaction I get, but using this every day has been so rewarding; redness has dramatically gone down, pores are shrinking, scars are lightening, and the congestion is softening/clearing. This is HUGE and so worth the minor flaking you get when you're first adjusting.

Now, of course, all of our skin reacts differently. What may work for me, may not work for you. I understand the struggle you may be going through. Especially since we aren't able to do facials at the moment to help give you that sense of relief. That's why, we are going an extra step forward, and offering virtual consultations. You will have the option to meet with one of our Medical Providers or Medical Aestheticians to give you the proper tools you need to get you right on track! If you'd like to hear more about this, keep a close eye out on our Instagram @bluemedicalspa or you can give us a call directly at our office at 818-783-3600 as we are now open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm and now offering curbside pick-up!

Remember to minimize exposure by wearing your mask, washing your hands consistently, follow social distancing, reducing gatherings, and take care of your skin. I know we've all heard this and lowkey roll our eyes, but we truly are in this together. Stay safe and sending love your way always.

By Melissa Colon

Who would've thought that I'd be sitting here giving skin care advice during a global pandemic. When I found out that we would have to close due to Los Angeles' Safe at Home mandate, it was a shock to the system.

Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Sterilizing. What's the difference? DUPLICATE


While I was in school learning how to properly clean our spa and tools, I would always roll my eyes at how many hours my teacher would preface the importance of knowing the various ways of maintaining a healthy environment. Like, I got it. It made sense. Yet, what may be common knowledge for most, may not be the case for all.

It is important to know that "sanitizing is meant to reduce, not kill, the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi...and disinfecting a surface will "kill" the microscopic organisms as claimed on the label of a particular product."

Let me repeat that, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between washing, disinfecting, sterilizing!

Sanitize: to make clean and hygienic

We must always wash our hands for at least 20 seconds with an antibacterial soap. This is the most effective way of removing dirt, grease, bacteria, and preventing unnecessary spreading of germs. When should we wash our hands? Always, especially handling foods, visiting the lou, and when using harsh chemicals.

A lot of people have told me in the past that they prefer using hand sanitizer than soap. It is always advised to wash with an anti-bacterial soap and if you need a quick spritz to refresh, then use the sanitizer, as it is not meant to be an alternative to soap. PLUS, the alcohol that are in them dry up the natural oils in your skin and we don't need to speed up the aging process on our hands any faster now, do we?

Disinfect: to clean, especially with a chemical, in order to destroy bacteria

Most of us are familiar with our everyday disinfectant house products and majority will claim that it can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, flus, and other diseases.

Hey, I'll take all the help that I can get when it comes to keeping a healthy and clean environment, but we here at Blue always take it a step further. If you were to go on our Yelp page right now, you'll see that majority of our patients compliment us on our cleanliness. We take pride in having a clean and safe haven for our patients. Additionally, since we are a medical office, we use hospital-grade disinfectants to kill even the most stubborn of viruses.

Sterilize: to make (something) free from bacteria or other living microorganisms

Now, this is where the big dogs come into play. Ever wonder when you go into a doctor's office and you see them unraveling tools out of the protective casing as if they were too lazy and didn't plan to set up the room before you got there? Even if they don't mention anything to you, it's their way of showing you that these instruments have been sterilized and are ready to be used just for you!

My favorite toy in the office is our Autoclave. This beast of a machine is a pressure chamber that sterilizes instruments by using high temperature steam. That's right, you heard me, very hot steam. This will effectively destroy not just diseases/viruses, but even blood!

Warning: this doesn't mean that if you go home and turn your faucet on full level scalding that you can go to town in your place and expect to get the same results.

This world can be a scary place, filled with freaky and infectious organisms that we can't see with our naked eye. In times like these, it's a good reminder for us that we are all in this wild life together. We need to remember that when we take care of ourselves, we also take care of others. Things happen that are out of our control, but I think that if we all take responsibility of what we can control, we'll all be happier for it.

During this time, make sure to catch up on projects you've been pushing aside. Get rid of the old that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Stay in contact with your loved ones, maybe even get to know your neighbors that you sometimes say hi to. Question information that is given to you, find reputable sources, but always stay calm and level-headed. Stay creative; read a book, write, draw, build, whatever brings you joy, DO IT.

...and if you've made it all the way to the end of this informative piece, PLEASE do one more thing for me, WASH YOUR HANDS.


By Melissa Colon

With everything that is occurring in the world right now, the biggest eye opener is the amount of people that actually don't know how to properly sanitize and disinfect.

Scarring. Life's battle wounds.


More often than not, scars can be a major insecurity; especially for those that have suffered from traumatic experiences and can be a constant reminder of the pain they've gone through.

Growing up, I've had more surgeries than you can count on one hand, and this next year will definitely hit two hands, but who's really counting (lol) With that said, I've got surgical scars in the strangest of places, and though I've learned to accept them over the years, as they are a part of me, I'd be lying if I said I haven't treated them to alleviate the appearance. Throw in acne scars to the mix, and I'm a lady that lives for resurfacing treatments and products.

No matter the type of scar, you will need a mastered level of dedication and patience while on your treatment journey. It is not a one and done deal and you have to be consistent for optimal results.

Scar Treatment Journey


Firstly, you'll want to address the pigmentation. This helps to alleviate the appearance of the scar and can dramatically create an even skin tone which will prevent it from being as noticeable. Our Medical Providers will assess to see which laser would be best suited for you.

Most common lasers that are utilized are the IPL FotoFacial, PicoSure Laser, and Genesis Laser. All three are fantastic options and are safe to be done on new or old scars alike.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) - this technology is a high-powered light to safely pull up the pigmentation that's underneath the skin to the surface. The pigment on the surface will then appear darker and over time it will slough off, which will result in the treatment area becoming lighter.

PicoSure Laser - now this technology is comparably different than most by using "pressure" rather than "heat" to help break up pigmentation and scar tissue. Compared to the IPL, the treated area will not slough off, but rather it will lighten over the course of a month.

Genesis Laser - with no downtime this technology uses near-infrared to help target bacteria, redness, and pigmentation from acne. It's a fantastic laser if you're on the road to healing acne before you get started on targeting the acne scars. IT IS VITAL, to address acne first to avoid spreading the bacteria!

On average, you'll have to do 3-4 sessions for best results. Numbing is not necessary as these treatments are very quick and totally tolerable. IF you tend to be on the sensitive side, talk to your Medical Provider on various ways we can make you feel comfortable.


There are various texture related concerns when it comes to scarring. No matter the type of scar, the main focus after addressing pigmentation, will be breaking down scar tissue in order to rebuild healthy, new collagen to get a smoother result.

The reason we get a scar is when we've created a wound, our body is vigilant in making sure it closes and heals as quickly as possible to prevent infections. Our body is a well-oiled machine, and though we have the natural components to heal, it's not efficient in making sure we aren't left behind evidence of injury.

With that concept in mind, Micro-Needling was created to imitate a wound response, but in a controlled environment by working with 12 fine needles to trick your body into thinking it has a wound by creating small micro channels into the skin to have your naturally-occurring platelets, growth factors, and stem cells flood to the area to break down the tissue and help rebuild collagen.

For me, this treatment is the omega in so many ways. Not just for scar revision and relief of stretch marks, but for overall anti-aging skin rejuvenation. On the daily, I have patients rave about this treatment and rightfully so. With little to no downtime, the treatment is easy breezy, and with numbing it's very tolerable. The plus side is that there's no such thing as doing too many treatments. You can do this once a month for the rest of your life if you wanted to and my goodness would you be looking flawless. Winning!

As one would hope to expect, there are other ways to address scars with so many variations of treatment combinations that can be done. The cool thing is, there's no such thing as one way of addressing these concerns. Hence why I always recommend to come in our office to create a fully customized treatment game plan with one of our Medical Providers to get you right on track!

Helping patients is a passion of ours, hence why we offer complimentary consultations for the first 15 minutes and open 7 days a week. Why wait to get started? Call us today at 818-783-3600


By Melissa Colon

Life will throw us curve balls, hitting us out of nowhere, making us fall down just to get back up again. There are a million reasons why one can get a scar.

Collagen Loss. The enemy.


The first noticeable signs we see with collagen loss are hollowing in the temples, and heaviness in the nasolabial folds (laugh Lines), making them visible and more prominent. Additionally, the jowls and marionettes (bottom corners of the mouth to chin) start to sag, and our once stellar jawline, is not as defined. 

Whether we like it or not, aging is a fact of life, but looking your age doesn't have to be. As we get older, our facial fat pads (the good fat, of course, that we want) shrivel up under the visible surface. Think of a juicy grape that turns into a raisin. This results in what we see as drooping, hollowness, and an overall lackluster appearance (dull/dingey even). This may seem like an aggressive comparison but remember that grape didn't raisin up overnight.  

One of the main reasons this can happen more rapidly, would be a lack of proper skin care or unhealthy diet ????(mostly referring to your water intake- eat your water if you can't drink it – more on that later). 

So, what do we do??? Should we take advantage of treatments that can give us what we want now? ABSOLUTELY! 

Can we start adding in healthier habits slowly? Of course! 

YET, we should ALSO take care of our skin by not only sprinting to the finish line like the hare (which we all know ends up finishing last) but having the momentum of the tortoise and finishing the race with consistent momentum. 

How do we do that? STIMULATE NATURAL COLLAGEN. How long does it take? A lifetime of commitment.

It's a hard pill to swallow, yes, I know, but it's a lot easier than you may think.

There are many ways as to how one can stimulating collagen.

The easiest way to do so is being consistent with your anti-aging skincare routine. Daily. Morning and night. 365 days of the year. I tell everyone I know that doing your daily routine is your homework. You do this every day to prep for the test (which are your treatments) so that you have the necessary tools to pass with flying colors. If you don't do your homework, you're not going to be as prepared as you would've wanted to, and might even be concerned that you're spending all this time and money on treatments that aren't giving you the results that you were promised. 

Products that contain AHA/BHA acids, Growth Factors, Vitamin C, Peptides, Antioxidants will be your best friends. Each one has a specific role in how they help to stimulate collagen, exfoliate, tighten, brighten, and protect against harsh environments. Look out for a future blog of me talking in more detail of what these ingredients do, how far they drive down into the skin, and when you should be using them.

Some of you might be rolling your eyes saying, "products don't work, this is just a selling ploy", but I'm here to tell you, that this is fact and not #fakenews.

Yet, It is proven that people who experience acne have healthier skin in the long run compared to patients that are dry due to a rigorous treatment plan that requires eating habits to change, products to be used religiously, and treatments like Chemical Peels, Genesis, and Micro-Needling to be done to help correct inflammation, pigment, and scarring. Constant stimulation, creates happy, healthy collagen support. 

I, myself, am acne-prone, and I can confidently say that my skin is healthier, more vibrant, and youthful compared to my family and friends that are the same age as myself that don't really have any major concerns.

Now, for the test. There are various treatments that are very popular in our office for rebuilding collagen such as PicoSure Laser, PRF injections or topical infusion, PDO Threads, ThermiSmooth, Ulthera, and Micro-Needling. Personally, I have tried the majority of these treatments; whether it was for a series or for maintenance, and I truly love the results of each one. 

The reason why there are so many treatments to choose from is that not everyone is the same. It is important to take into consideration one's occupation, the climate they live in, their skin tone, if they're in the sun, what someone is willing to pay, and countless other factors. The relieving part is you don't have to worry about trying to create your own treatment plan. That's why we have Medical Providers that are very well knowledgeable and talented that know the best way to take care of you!

Here at Blue, we take pride in doing as much research as possible before we offer the services that we do. Reason why, there's a world full of promises, yet not all deliver. That's why we never promise results that are never obtainable. Honesty is key for building successful relationships with our patients.

If you'd like to schedule a consultation or just want to get some information over the phone, we are here to help. Call us today at 818-783-3600

Most of the time, we go about our daily lives and then BAM - we look in the mirror and it seems as if overnight our youth disappeared. It's discouraging when you feel young and spry, but your self-confidence is left lacking.

Oh, the weather outside is...definitely not frightful here in beautiful Los Angeles


Oh, the weather outside is...definitely not frightful here in beautiful Los Angeles

Loved ones all cozy inside their homes, decorating for the Holidays, fireplace blazing to stay're probably thinking, "oh she fancy" as I mentioned the fireplace, but hey, a girl doesn't have central heat. It may be electric, but it's the ambiance I'm trying to create in your mind - darn it!

Winter is a different concept here in LA. One moment there'll be clear, blue skies; the sun warm on your face with a cool breeze swaying our tall, lanky palm trees. The next, it's a day like today; staying inside, heat blazing on your face staying warm from the nurturing yet cold rain.

Already my skin is panicking at the thought of the various elements meddling with all the hard work I've done to correct all the damage from summer. It's a constant process of correcting, maintaining, adjusting, educating, and most importantly consistency.

With gatherings coming around the corner at every turn, you must be wondering what can be done to make sure you're glowing on the outside to reflect what's already there inside you; love, happiness, and a dash of feisty goodness.

Across the board I am hearing how everyone's skin is dry. Even I've been hit with it, and I am an oil slick all 365 days of the year. To say it's rough is an understatement. For sure, it gets overwhelming on what treatments are best because let's face it, the options are endless and can leave even the most experienced dizzy with confusion!

Hands down, my saving grace was coming in to get a facial with one of our talented Medical Aestheticians. Even though I'm one myself, it's always nice to let go of the reigns and be pampered while having another pair of eyes give solid advice.

We went with doing a 'Wet' Dermaplane. This treatment is a newer process compared to the traditional 'dry' way. It's a very popular treatment, so I was excited to see how it would feel with using an oil. Having sensitive skin, I knew this was going to feel luxurious! Sure enough, it was, and I couldn't be happier with how it reset my skin!

What is Dermaplane?

Using a surgical scalpel, you precisely glide it across the skin to remove peach fuzz and dead skin. I've noticed that this treatment has been 100% effective in removing the dead skin. Personally, I choose this modality over other facial treatments that resurface the skin. Anyone can benefit, even if one has light hairs on the face/submental. Added bonus, this treatment makes it easier for extractions to be done and has your skin vulnerable enough to allow all products that you put on to penetrate deep into the skin. It's a win win all around, ya'll.

Ways to enhance your Dermaplane:

-This can be added on to majority of our facials
-02 Infusion with Intraceuticals is a Patient Favorite as it helps to plump your skin leaving it fresh, dewy, hydrated, and gives a beautiful feel to your skin!
-Lactic Acid is very popular to help hydrate, lightly exfoliate, and brighten.

There are many other ways your treatment can be customized specifically for you. Known for same day appointments, we'd love to get you in before your next holiday shindig.

End of an Era

It's surreal to think we're only a few short weeks away of ending a decade. Let that sink in for a minute..TEN FREAKING YEARS. As one naturally does, self reflection sets in as we see how far we've come along.

We've certainly had a big shift here at Blue. Based in Los Angeles, we've continued to be a leader in the beauty industry. Celebrating our 20th year, it has been overwhelming the amount of love and support we receive on a daily basis. With a big birthday like we had, we wanted to get a fresh, new look. That's right, we did a huge re brand! We've come a long way over the years and we couldn't have done it without you all, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Truly, we are eternally grateful.


By: Melissa Colon

As I'm writing, the rain is pouring and it's quiet outside. Our city tends to fall asleep a little during the cold months, and for me, I don't mind. I love the tranquil peace in the air.

What is EmSculpt and Why You Need to Try It!


Ever wished you could obtain rock hard abs or a smoother derriere without all the hard work?

Well, what if we told you EmSculpt can help you get there? EmSculpt is the first non-invasive, FDA approved body sculpting treatment that works to transform, tone, and sculpt muscle as it helps to eliminate unwanted fat. Imagine seeing a slimmer waistline and a firmer, rounder bottom in as little as 4, 30-minute sessions. Some Blue Medi Spa clients have even reported tangible results just after 1 session.

Okay, but enough of that, how does it work?

Using a non-invasive body shaping therapy called HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, EmSculpt creates powerful muscle contractions that are completely painless working with your body's own muscles, EmSculpt works to reshape and sculpt both men and women's bodies so you continue to love the skin you're in! No more hitting the gym doing one crunch at a time. EmSculpt can achieve thousands of crunches in a single 30-minute session. Want to learn more about Emsculpt? At Blue Medi Spa, we've got you covered. Learn more about EmSculpt here.

Still not entirely convinced? Here at Blue Medi Spa, we want to help bring out the best version of you, which is why we're happy to offer EmSculpt treatments for all our clients in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Sit back and take comfort in knowing that all EmSculpt treatments are:

  • Non-invasive which means NO surgery or anesthesia required
  • Go right back to work and resume normal activity
  • Treatments are quick, pain-free, and can be done on your lunch break
  • Full results seen within 4 sessions
  • Some Blue Medi Spa clients have reported results after the 1st treatment

(full visible results usually reported two to four weeks after the last session which continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments!)

So, what are you waiting for? Those abs aren't going to sculpt themselves or will they? Make your EmSculpt appointment today, at Blue Medi Spa and start seeing the results that both Women's Health and Men's Health have been raving about! Get sculpting with EmSculpt for a more confident, beautiful, you.

Looking for more body-beautifying treatments?  Blue Medi Spa has plenty of skin-perfecting treatments to choose from. Enjoy soothing facials or choose from our list of Skin Care Services and much more. Whatever beautifying treatment you choose, Blue Medi Spa has you covered from head-to-toe!

From Allure to Cosmopolitan (and countless online publications) all agree, EmSculpt is the new "IT" treatment you need to try! But if you're wondering what is it and why you should try it, then you've come to the right place

Types of Skin Pigmentation Explained


In order for me to explain my brightening journey, I'll need to dive into the various types of pigmentation and how to properly address each one with products and treatments.


PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

?Ah, the lovely PIH. You know when you get a breakout and whether you touch it or not, you're left with a reddish pigment spot? Yeah, it's one of the most annoying to deal with especially if you're acne prone. If you're blessed in the sense where you don't have that to worry about, then good for you. No, just kidding, but really, good for you because it's one less thing to have to worry about. The good thing is about this type of pigment is that it does go away. It may not be as quickly as when we were in our teens, but it does go away on its own. There are other ways of receiving PIH like burns and friction, even ripping the skin when healing from a chemical peel. So be sure to resist temptation when healing from intensive treatments and follow your provider's protocols!

If you're wanting to speed up your brightening here are a few ways you can do so:
Products: Hydroquinone, Retinol, Lytera 2.0, TNS Essential Serum, Pro-Heal Serum, Active Serum, and White Lightening Serum and/or Complex, and Extreme Protect SPF 30

Treatments: Chemical Peels, Micro-Needling, HydraFacial with Brightalive or Britenol Booster, Genesis Laser, and PicoSure Laser


?You know what I love about living? You truly do learn something new every day. Did you know that freckles are also called Ephelides and are the most common form of pigmentation? Freckles are finally considered "cute", which is quite ridiculous in my opinion since heredity has a big influence and naturally appear darker during sunny days and will fade during the colder months.

Some people now have 'freckles envy' and are microblading little baby dots all over the face and I gotta say, I'm so here for it. Just be careful though, you can't do laser as it will affect the color and we won't want your dots turning blue or green which cannot go away with Tattoo Removal as it's a different type of ink that is used.

Some don't always want their Ephelides and that's perfectly okay because our patient's happiness always comes first and the way to brighten them is actually the same protocol as if you were treating PIH or regular pigment.


This pigmentation is a beast of a medical condition. It is the hardest to treat and to maintain. Your lifestyle and even the way you eat can seriously alter the way you handle Melasma or Chloasma due to it being deeper in the dermis, so it's not so superficial to treat. Most commonly seen in women, hormones is the biggest culprit. Other causes can be pregnancy, stress (cortisol level spiking), various medications, excessive levels of copper and lower levels of zinc, and the biggest cause other than hormones, is SUN EXPOSURE.

Typically you'll see symmetrical patterns on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. When you do decide to treat this condition, again, you HAVE to make lifestyle changes and follow your provider's recommendations to the 'T'. Ideally we like to put our patients on Hydroquinone for 1 month prior to treating. After your month is over, we will put you on a customizable product and treatment game plan. Every patient is different so the type of plan can vary from doing a series of Perfect Derma Peels, PicoSure Laser, etc!

Know this, if you suffer from Melasma, you will always have this condition. You can get to a point where you are maintaining, but if there are flare-ups, it's time to come back in to reassess and get you on a new plan!

Solar Lentigines

This is just a fancy way of saying that you have pigmentation from being unprotected while playing in the sun. Other names that you may hear are 'liver spots' or 'sun spots'. The first 18 years of your life you have already accumulated 33% of your sun damage. I like to explain that we have a storage box, and as we bask in all of the sun's glory, we are filling it up slowly but surely. But what happens if we don't treat it? The box overflows and pigment start to form on the face and as we age it gets more and more prominent. Most of the time, we as patients, will look at the mirror one and wonder what the hell happened and where did this pigment come from? This is why treating this pigmentation needs to start right away and be a lifelong commitment.

Going back to the question earlier of why it's taking me so long to address it. I'm 28, and if I had already stored 33% of my pigmentation at 18, then that number has either doubled or more! So if you think about it, it's not going to take a month to address your whole entire life's worth of damage! As we treat pigmentation on the surface layers of our skin, we exfoliate and remove the dead skin. This process will brighten all while improving our texture. We keep repeating this process daily with our products, weekly with HydraFacials, and monthly with more intensive treatments like Chemical Peels and Lasers.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but think of it like going to the gym. You apply yourself, and dedicate the time, and you'll see the reward. It's been 6 years of maintenance and I can confidently say that my skin is the best it has ever been and will continue to get better.

We are always here to help, and we have treatments that can speed up your skin goals! We'd love to hear from you and get you in to start your journey whether it's for Melasma or addressing your cute little freckles.

We all have that one concern with our skin that drives us bonkers! Personally, I have worked on my pigmentation for 6 years and counting! Now you may be wondering, "what the hell is taking you so long for addressing it??"

Is Your Workout Routine Just Not Enough Anymore?


Unfortunately, life catches up, takes over, and all of a sudden if I don't do something now, it will be May 2019 and somehow I'll be trying to fit into the same bikini I've had for 3 years and my confidence level could easily go from hero to zero.

That is one way this year can go or I can be as committed to myself as much as possible. Yet, so far, I have done yoga once, and walked my pup longer everyday. So, I'd say that's progress, and even though I'm technically following the 80% diet / 20% being active…my body is not responding how it used to.

We have many patients that make working out a priority in their life. Honestly, it's such an inspiration. When they see we offer SculpSure, ThermiSmooth, and various other body contouring treatments, the common concern I hear is that they've got stubborn pockets of fat, cellulite, or skin laxity from losing weight too quickly.

No matter how hard you workout, not everyone responds 100% to it. That is important for all of us to recognize because we can all start to be more understanding that we are all trying the best we can to feel as confident as possible.

With that, when you come in to address and target either the fat and or skin, we make sure to do a thorough consultation to make sure that what we offer will give you a realistic expectation. It is important to do so in order to create a healthy relationship between patient and provider.

When wanting to treat stubborn fat pockets, SculpSure is the way to go. With 4 applicators, your provider will place them strategically on the area of concern. These will sit on the skin, rather than using suction, which will result in a more comfortable and even treatment result. The biggest advice that I can give you is: BE PATIENT. The results take 6-9 weeks and even though that time will pass by in a blink of an eye…when we get excited about results…it's like watching a pot of water trying to boil.

Skin Laxity has such a wide variety of ways to treat. The problem with treating the skin is that everyone is different. I may benefit greatly with ThermiSmooth, and I may see results every time I do it, but my neighbor could come in and greatly benefit from Ultherapy or Titan. The importance of knowing that we all respond differently is huge! Hence why we NEVER guarantee; especially when speaking to you on the phone. We want to make sure that you have the best treatment advice from our providers that work directly with you day in and day out.

Overall, consistency is key. One and done is not a thing….yet. We live in a beautiful time filled with so many ways to address our anti-aging concerns, but we need to be patient. I'm even guilty of it and I'm immersed in this field 24/7. It's January, and now is the best time to start if you want your results by summer.

Not sure on where to start? Give us a call and we'd love to book you a consultation with the option to treat same day!

I work out. A lot. It's my life and if I go a day without it, I feel lost and confused…SAID ME NEVER. Let's face it. I love working out. I really do.

Thank you for reaching out!

We will be in touch shortly.

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