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Introducing VI Peel For the Body

Experience the first chemical peel designed for the body at Blue Spa in Sherman Oaks.

Step into the future of body peel treatments – introducing the VI Peel Body, a groundbreaking chemical peel meticulously designed to transform and rejuvenate your skin. Bid farewell to conventional methods and embrace a new era in body peels that cater to all skin types and tones.

The First and Only Professional Grade Body Peel

VI Peel Body is the first and only professional-grade body peel tailored for diverse skin types and tones. This revolutionary peel is specifically crafted to address a spectrum of concerns, making it a versatile solution for those seeking comprehensive results in body peel treatments.

Key Benefits of VI Peel

  1. Reducing Pigmentation:
  2. VI Peel Body targets and reduces pigmentation, leaving your skin visibly clearer and more radiant.
  3. Clearing Body Acne:
  4. Combat body acne with the power of VI Peel Body. This formulation addresses acne concerns on various body parts, restoring skin clarity and confidence.
  5. Fading Surgical Scars:
  6. For those with surgical scars, VI Peel Body offers a solution to fade and diminish their appearance, promoting smoother and more even skin texture.
  7. Smoothing Away Stretch Marks:
  8. Tackle stretch marks head-on with VI Peel Body’s specially formulated solution. Experience the smoothing effects as stretch marks gradually fade away.

Formulated Specifically for Body Needs

VI Peel Body is uniquely designed to cater to the specific needs of the body’s skin. With a formulation that is stronger to tackle the thicker epidermis found on the body, this peel ensures optimal effectiveness in addressing various skin concerns.

Enhanced with Protective Ingredients

Experience a body peel with a difference. VI Peel Body is not only potent but also enriched with protective ingredients that nurture your skin during the peeling process, ensuring a rejuvenated and healthier appearance.

Customized Size Options

VI Peel Body offers two size options based on the body part being treated. This customization eliminates the need for multiple peel kits, providing users with a more convenient and tailored experience.

Improved Patient Results

With fewer layers needed and an enhanced formulation, VI Peel Body delivers improved patient results. Experience a shorter post-peel period and fewer treatments to achieve the desired outcomes.

More Visible Peeling

Witness the transformative effects of VI Peel Body with more visible peeling. This signifies the treatment’s efficacy and ensures a quicker and more noticeable improvement in your skin’s condition.

A Radiant New Body Chemical Peel

The VI Peel Body marks a significant milestone in body peel treatments. Its innovative formulation, tailored approach, and transformative results redefine the possibilities of body peels. Embrace the future of body peel treatments with VI Peel Body and unlock the radiant, clear, and rejuvenated skin you deserve.

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