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Craft tighter, healthier layers of skin with InMode’s advanced Radiofrequency technology.

Morpheus8 Goes Below and Beyond

Morpheus8 is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. Patients commonly use Morpheus8 to treat their face, neck and body, however, Morpheus8 can be used on any area of your body that can benefit from subdermal renewal. It can also be used to reduce acne scars, treat wrinkles, stretch marks, surgical scars, and much more. Morpheus8 delivers the deepest fractional treatments available, penetrating subdermal tissue up to 8mm (7mm + 1mm thermal profile). Dual Handpieces allow for increased treatment functionality: Morpheus8 for smaller treatment areas and Morpheus8 Body for larger and deeper tissue treatments. Four fractional tips with different microneedle configurations (Prime 12 pin, Resurfacing 24 pin, Morpheus8 24 pin, and Body 40 pin) deliver clinically proven RF energy to multiple treatment depths (0.5mm – 7mm).

Remodel Your Skin Without Any Invasive Surgery Required.

Morpheus8 Before & After

Mold With Morpheus8 at Blue Medi Spa

Repair deeper layers of your skin with Morpheus8, our cutting-edge fractional skin treatment in Sherman Oaks. From face and neck to body, Morpheus8 targets various areas for subdermal renewal. Discover one of the deepest fractional treatments available at our top-rated Los Angeles medi spa.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. Morpheus8 uses a device that combines tiny needles and RF energy. The needles create microchannels in the skin, allowing the RF energy to penetrate deeper layers. The RF energy heats the targeted tissues, stimulating collagen production and remodeling. This process helps to tighten the skin and improve its overall appearance.

The number of sessions required can vary based on individual goals and the condition of the skin. In most cases, a series of three to four treatments, spaced about four to six weeks apart, is recommended to achieve optimal results. However, some individuals may see noticeable improvements after just one treatment.

Some improvements, such as a tightening effect, may be visible immediately after the treatment. However, the full results of Morpheus8 usually become more apparent over time as collagen production increases. It can take a few weeks to a few months for the final results to be fully realized.

Morpheus8 can treat various face and body areas, including the lower face, jawline, neck, jowls, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It is commonly used to address concerns about sagging skin, acne scars, and uneven skin texture.

The procedure is generally well-tolerated by patients. Before the treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort. Some patients may feel a mild prickling or heat sensation during the procedure as the device is applied to the skin. However, any discomfort is typically temporary and manageable.

Pre + Post Care Instructions

One Week Prior to Treatment Avoid taking anticoagulants (aspirin, mobic, ibuprofen, naproxen) for one week if medical condition allows. Since they interfere with normal blood clotting. Check medication labels for the active ingredient. You may take Acetaminophen (Tylenol) as needed for pain not to exceed 3000 mg a day. Three Days Prior to Treatment: Discontinue any irritant type of topical products or treatments. Products such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C (in a low pH formula), scrubs or anything perceived as ‘active’ skincare. Treatments such as microdermabrasion and laser. No prolonged sun exposure, to the area being treated. A treatment will not be administered on sunburned skin. What Can Be Expected? Immediately after your treatment most patients will experience a clinical endpoint of erythema (redness) for 1-3 days, however for more aggressive treatments this may last longer. Slight to moderate edema (swelling) and mild to moderate sunburn sensation are also common post treatment and may last 1-3 days. Skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. Skin may crust and peel for 3-7 days after treatment. Redness and swelling may last for 3-4 days.
After Treatment: COOLING – The skin can reduce discomfort and excessive skin response. APPLY – Healing ointment or antibiotic ointment, immediately post treatment for 1-3 days. CLEAN – Use a soothing cleanser or face wash with lukewarm water to cleanse the face and gently pat dry the treated skin until it heals. Always make sure that your hands are clean when touching the treated area. As soon as the needle holes close (1-3 days) HYDRATE – Use a gentle moisturizer or healing ointment on the treatment area until skin heals. MAKEUP – Can be applied 2 days after the treatment. Clean makeup brushes prior to using. PROTECT – At 24 hours after the procedure, you should apply a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with a SPF30, AT ALL TIMES when you will be outside. Use a physical sunscreen (Zinc/Titanium Dioxide) daily. Reapply often?In addition to reducing your future risk of skin cancer, sunscreens also reduce wrinkles and slow the aging process. What to Avoid: To ensure the proper healing environment, be certain to observe the following: For at least 48 hours post treatment, DO NOT use any Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C (in a low pH formula) or anything perceived as ‘active’ skincare. Avoid intentional and direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. No tanning beds. Do not go swimming, soaking, or using hot tubs/ whirlpools for at least 24 hours post-treatment until the skin heals. No exercising or strenuous activity for the first 24 hours post-treatment. Sweating and gym environments are harmful, rife with bacteria, and may cause adverse reactions. Treat the skin gently, avoid scrubbing or trauma to the treated area.
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