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Put Your Best Face Forward And Eliminate Unwanted Wrinkles With Botox Injections At Blue Medi Spa In The Sherman Oaks Area.

Take the first step towards a younger looking you.

Botox Injections Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Treatment In The United States And For Good Reason: They Work! We Offer Botox® Injections At Blue Medi Spa In The Sherman Oaks Area, And We Can Help You Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Forehead, Around Your Eyes, And Around Your Mouth. Our Precision Injection Techniques Produce Results That Look Fresh And Natural—You Won’t Even Know We Were There.

What is Botox?

BOTOX is the gold standard in wrinkle-smoothing treatments. It halts nerve signals to targeted muscle strands, allowing you to look refreshed and more youthful. BOTOX can be used to treat lines, creases and wrinkles in multiple areas: between the brows (glabellar lines), crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes (lateral canthal lines), or around the mouth (vertical lip lines). BOTOX also effectively treats frown lines between the eyebrows (11’s) as well as horizontal forehead lines (glabellar rhytids). The procedure takes just a few minutes, and only requires a few simple injections. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately following treatment.

Real Botox Results.

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