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Improve stress, urge, and urinary incontinence quickly and painlessly with VTone applicator muscle stimulation.

EmpowerRF Pelvic Therapy

Intimate health evolves due to multiple factors like pregnancy, hormonal transformations, menopause, and aging. Weakness in the pelvic floor and stress urinary incontinence are very common symptoms that can burden quality of life. Our productive, non-invasive VTone treatment addresses female wellness concerns using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) via a specialized applicator, which focuses on strengthening major internal pelvic floor muscles to improve urinary incontinence symptoms. A single-use, two-sided tip that inserts comfortably into the vaginal canal – restoring patient self-confidence and quality of life without surgery or prolonged downtime.

Improve Pelvic Health With Confidence at Blue

EmpowerRF VTone is a safe, effective female rejuvenation treatment in Sherman Oaks. Our techniques are vital for treating age or conditional vaginal-related symptoms. Schedule your consultation and receive personalized care at our top-rated Los Angeles medical spa.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Depending on the intensity of the treatment, there is little to no downtime. Some patients will experience no discomfort at all. The best results are typically felt 1-2 weeks after the last session. You may feel a bit sore after the first treatment.

Your physician will determine the best treatment plan for you. The majority of patients experience several sessions; however, most notice a difference after only 1 treatment. The number of sessions depends on your treatment concerns, your personal goals, and if you plan to use a combination treatment or a single treatment approach.

Yes. EmpowerRF VTone is a safe and FDA approved treatment for feminine health. V-tone is generally safe with no side effects, but it’s not suitable for those with a history of hypertonic pelvic floor. VTone is not individuals with cardiac pacemakers, internal defibrillators, or any active electrical implants. 

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