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Why SculpSure is better than Coolsculpting

By September 13, 2017 Fat Loss, Featured

Out of all the non-surgical body contouring methods, CoolSculpting and SculpSure have stolen the show. Both fat reduction procedures achieve the same end goal, but one option is more efficient. Even though they are both relatively new methods, patients and doctors agree that SculpSure is the best choice. It provides an easier way to burn unwanted fat while simultaneously being more comfortable. This combination is too appealing to ignore, and has caused most medical spas to switch to this innovative procedure.

To truly understand the advantages of SculpSure, it’s essential to explore the details behind both fat reduction procedures. These methods get rid of unwanted fat, but they take completely different approaches to achieve this goal. Each one is delightfully distinct, and utilizes cutting edge technology.

CoolSculpting utilizes cryolipolysis, which is controlled cold exposure that causes localized panniculitis and modulation of fat. By cooling the cells to 4° Celsius (39° Fahrenheit), it provides non-invasive reduction of fat deposits. This allows doctors to reshape body contours without any damage to the overlying skin. It isn’t an overnight process, since the subcutaneous fat tissue slowly dissolves over 3 to 4 months. Users also have to endure rigorous massages directly after treatment that are normally uncomfortable. It isn’t perfect, but it does reduce fat.

Many clients weren’t smitten by CoolSculpting, so the major companies scrambled to come up with a better solution. Faced with the obstacles of cold treatments, Cynosure Inc. decided to take a completely different approach. They developed the first non-invasive treatment that utilizes a hyperthermic aesthetic laser to burn away fat cells. By penetrating the skin with a laser, SculpSure heats up fat cells to 42-47 degrees Celsius. This promotes the fat to engage in lipolysis, which breaks them down and causes cell death. The broken-down fats are released to surrounding lymphatic pathways and are eliminated by the body.

This is a natural way of burning fat that doesn’t disrupt the body. It’s noticeably more effective than CoolSculpting, as well as more pleasurable to undergo. The SculpSure applicators touch the skin with cooling plates, so the ideal temperatures are maintained. Out of all the reasons why to choose SculpSure over CoolSculpting, these three facts stick out:

1. It’s More Enjoyable – The main complaint about CoolSculpting is the initial pain. Many people experience sensations of strong tugging, pulling and mild pinching from the suction device. These feelings are replaced with tingling and cramping as the treatment area becomes numb. Combined with the mandatory 3-minute massage, clients are ready for the CoolSculpt procedure to be over. By utilizing a completely different approach, users bypass these inconveniences with SculpSure. The laser warms up the body, and the cooling plates make sure that the entire procedure is comfortable.

2. Quicker Treatment Times & Effects – While CoolSculpting takes an hour per session, SculpSure treatments only last 25 minutes. No massage is necessary, and it’s a one-time session. On top of being quicker to applicate, it instantly takes effect. Up to 24% of the treated fat is eliminated immediately, and the rest is discarded by the body over 12 weeks.

3. Multiple Treatments in One Session – The SculpSure system has four applicator heads, which lets it simultaneously treat different areas of the body. In contrast, CoolSculpting can only hit one area per session. By choosing SculpSure, clients can avoid multiple trips to the office by targeting four different areas at once. This cuts down on costs, and allows users to focus on other projects!