Our Founder

Ronda Nofal

“Girl, you need your elevens done…”

Ronda Hawara Nofal, is nothing if not honest. Such quips are delivered with equal parts charm and authority. Protest is futile. The lady knows her lines. Pairing together the perfect combination of sass and savvy, with precision and expertise, her commanding allure heads the heart of her success.

Mother, wife, friend, businesswoman, trendsetter – Ronda’s meteoric rise started with a story common to many LA denizens. The daughter of Syrian immigrants, she witnessed firsthand the hard work and determination of her parents to prevail in their newly adopted home. She too, gravitated to the boom/bust flow of entrepreneurship and it only whetted her resolve to succeed. She knew she was wired for the hustle – always working, striving, generating, creating – it was this extraordinary work ethic that propelled her from humble beginnings to a modern and multi-faceted, medi-beauty innovator.

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design (FIDM) with a degree in Marketing, Ronda worked with a few of the top ad agencies in LA, marrying newly acquired insights into already established business acumen. Soon after, she launched her first venture, Light Speed Laser in 1999, with just a single hair removal laser. Small starts can yield mighty results, and Light Speed Laser’s early success spurred her to explore new business avenues, particularly in the burgeoning field of medical beauty.

A true warrior, looking to help women win their beauty battles, Ronda noticed a void in the marketplace for a one-stop shop that combined the highest level of service and technologies in medical and cosmeceutical grade beauty protocols and products within the luxury of a spa environment.   She channeled her years of marketing experience with her beauty business acumen to transform her small but highly successful practice into what would become the largest laser, ultrasonic, complexion, anti-aging and injectable facility in the nation.

“I created Blue Medi Spa because I believed what people wanted from the beauty industry didn’t yet exist. My dream was to not just create a destination for all medical beauty needs, but to also build a brand that represented a more inclusive definition of beauty. I wanted to reinforce the message that beauty on your terms is its own empowerment.”

Ronda’s creative spirit and entrepreneurial passion has been at the heart of every strategic decision in the business. Her vision of providing a never-before experience by fusing science and innovation with aesthetics and customer experience had become a reality and from day one, Blue Medi Spa flourished.

Blue Medi Spa quickly carved out its own niche, but that wasn’t nearly the end of Ronda’s “do it differently” philosophy.  Innovation, education and leadership are still the cornerstones of her brand, with exciting new proprietary therapies and concepts planned for the near future.

From marketing full programs to men, to pioneering a female-empowered culture, Ronda was a trend setter long before #girlboss and #girlpower were ever a thing.

For nearly two decades Ronda Nofal has been a beauty revolutionary.

And she still is.