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A landmark. Both old, and new. Treasured by many, known by most.

La Reina, meaning “The Queen” in Spanish. A solo-screened movie theater once dubbed “one of the most stylistically sophisticated theaters ever built in the San Fernando Valley.” Okay, so it was 1939, but even 80 years later its reputation has sustained as a trademark location in the, heart of LA’s West Valley.

In 1985, there was talk of demolition, however, heard more loudly then the hustle and bustle of a busy Ventura Blvd, was that of the patrons who were heartbroken to hear that The La Reina might go. Quickly mediated by The City of Los Angeles’ Cultural Heritage Commission, the mayor and many others, La Reina was aptly named a monument, along with plans to restore it’s “historical elegance”. Less than 10 years later, the infamous Northridge Earthquake, shook, rattled and rolled, sadly leaving behind only the 1st floor of the theater’s auditorium architecture.

As seen in movies, and not just for showing them, The La Reina theater has been widely known as a popular filming location. With minimal structural changes internally, Blue Medi Spa has filled the 5,500 square foot theater space, for over 16 years, retaining its solidarity with history.

As the first theater in the San Fernando Valley to be named a historic monument, the theater’s façade, (though refined) has remained, creating nostalgia in older generations. With the classic and timeless ticket booth centered among the outdoor terrazzo flooring, the La Reina theater still effectuates a sentiment of the days of yore.

Bring the family for a walk down memory lane or experience it yourself for the very first time!

Stop in, or stop by and say “Hi,” on Sunday, October 21, 2018, for the annual Sherman Oaks Street Fair, where families and friends of all ages can enjoy!

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