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HydraFacial Explained in Depth

By October 26, 2018 Featured, Skin Care

It seems to be that as soon as we get our skin care routine down with a set treatment and product regimen a new beast pops up out of nowhere and shakes up our world. It happened with Botox, fillers that rebuild collagen (Radiesse), lasers that melt fat (Sculpsure), and now a facial that can Cleanse, Peel, Extract, Hydrate, Fuse and Protect with one machine, no downtime, and done in as little as 30 minutes.

What’s the treatment you ask? Well, it’s the HydraFacial, of course. Sounds familiar? Well, it should. This medical-grade “hydradermabrasion” is one of a kind and has been a powerhouse on the market since its birth. Since offering this amazing treatment at Blue, we have had an amazing response from patients. The overall verdict? They’re hooked, just like we are.

Hydradermabrasion vs Microdermabrasion

The most popular question we are getting is what the heck is the difference? Well, with the standard Microdermabrasion it is a “dry” treatment using various crystal tipped wands that help mechanically exfoliate the surface layers of your skin. This traditional treatment is used before lasers, added to a facial for an added boost, or as a stand-alone treatment with an oxygen infusion (patient favorite). With the Hydradermabrasion, HydraFacial uses their patented “Vortex Technology” which helps to literally vacuum up impurities, like blackheads, while simultaneously infusing yummy ingredients into your skin with a glow that will last for days. Are you convinced yet? No? Okay, let’s dive deeper.

What’s The Big Deal?

With HydraFacial you are able to customize each treatment. Which keeps your skin guessing and wanting more. Such a tease! It’s important to be able to stay consistent and with our lives getting busier and the days getting shorter – hello fall – we need all the help we can get. With that said, there are a few Perks that make this treatment the new Queen Bee. Let’s break it down.

Lymphatic Drainage: Our Lymphatic System is vital for our health internally and externally. You’d be surprised how many toxins are transported throughout our bodies. By doing this relaxing service it helps to kick-start the removal of waste and toxins, while delivering nutrients and hormones to the body by promoting overall skin health. Benefits range from decreasing swelling and puffiness around the eye area, plumping up your cheeks, and reviving dull/lifeless skin!

Boosters: We all can benefit with a boost of good loving every once in awhile. There are 3 boosters that you and your provider can discuss what would be the best for you. From brightening the skin with Britenol, rebuilding the structure of your dermis with Dermabuilder, or minimizing fine lines and wrinkles using naturally-derived growth factors with CTGF, you will love the options you have available to you, giving necessary ingredients your skin needs to shine!

Perks: As an add-on service, you are given the opportunity to treat your eyes and/or lips. Hydration is always key when needing to maintain the health of these important areas. From eye bags to non-juicy lips, these Perks can be used a stand-alone service or added to your treatment. An added bonus? You are able to bring the product home with either an eye mask or chapstick. How cute is that?

LED Light Therapy: We are so excited that we finally get to play with light therapy. For those that don’t know, blue and red lights can be used to help with various concerns. Our amazing Medical Aestheticians will assess your skin to determine which light is best for you. Blue light is used for acne-prone skin by killing bacteria and Red light is used for aging or inflamed skin by alleviating the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and reducing puffiness/redness.

Are you excited just as much as we are? Yeah, that’s what I thought. We are close to launching this lovely treatment so keep an eye out and make sure to call us to book a HydraFacial with us!