Scarring. Life's battle wounds.


Life will throw us curve balls, hitting us out of nowhere, making us fall down just to get back up again. There are a million reasons why one can get a scar. Some get them from playing sports, going on adventures, having surgeries, or even experiencing acne.

More often than not, scars can be a major insecurity; especially for those that have suffered from traumatic experiences and can be a constant reminder of the pain they've gone through.

Growing up, I've had more surgeries than you can count on one hand, and this next year will definitely hit two hands, but who's really counting (lol) With that said, I've got surgical scars in the strangest of places, and though I've learned to accept them over the years, as they are a part of me, I'd be lying if I said I haven't treated them to alleviate the appearance. Throw in acne scars to the mix, and I'm a lady that lives for resurfacing treatments and products.

No matter the type of scar, you will need a mastered level of dedication and patience while on your treatment journey. It is not a one and done deal and you have to be consistent for optimal results.

Scar Treatment Journey


Firstly, you'll want to address the pigmentation. This helps to alleviate the appearance of the scar and can dramatically create an even skin tone which will prevent it from being as noticeable. Our Medical Providers will assess to see which laser would be best suited for you.

Most common lasers that are utilized are the IPL FotoFacial, PicoSure Laser, and Genesis Laser. All three are fantastic options and are safe to be done on new or old scars alike.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) - this technology is a high-powered light to safely pull up the pigmentation that's underneath the skin to the surface. The pigment on the surface will then appear darker and over time it will slough off, which will result in the treatment area becoming lighter.

PicoSure Laser - now this technology is comparably different than most by using "pressure" rather than "heat" to help break up pigmentation and scar tissue. Compared to the IPL, the treated area will not slough off, but rather it will lighten over the course of a month.

Genesis Laser - with no downtime this technology uses near-infrared to help target bacteria, redness, and pigmentation from acne. It's a fantastic laser if you're on the road to healing acne before you get started on targeting the acne scars. IT IS VITAL, to address acne first to avoid spreading the bacteria!

On average, you'll have to do 3-4 sessions for best results. Numbing is not necessary as these treatments are very quick and totally tolerable. IF you tend to be on the sensitive side, talk to your Medical Provider on various ways we can make you feel comfortable.


There are various texture related concerns when it comes to scarring. No matter the type of scar, the main focus after addressing pigmentation, will be breaking down scar tissue in order to rebuild healthy, new collagen to get a smoother result.

The reason we get a scar is when we've created a wound, our body is vigilant in making sure it closes and heals as quickly as possible to prevent infections. Our body is a well-oiled machine, and though we have the natural components to heal, it's not efficient in making sure we aren't left behind evidence of injury.

With that concept in mind, Micro-Needling was created to imitate a wound response, but in a controlled environment by working with 12 fine needles to trick your body into thinking it has a wound by creating small micro channels into the skin to have your naturally-occurring platelets, growth factors, and stem cells flood to the area to break down the tissue and help rebuild collagen.

For me, this treatment is the omega in so many ways. Not just for scar revision and relief of stretch marks, but for overall anti-aging skin rejuvenation. On the daily, I have patients rave about this treatment and rightfully so. With little to no downtime, the treatment is easy breezy, and with numbing it's very tolerable. The plus side is that there's no such thing as doing too many treatments. You can do this once a month for the rest of your life if you wanted to and my goodness would you be looking flawless. Winning!

As one would hope to expect, there are other ways to address scars with so many variations of treatment combinations that can be done. The cool thing is, there's no such thing as one way of addressing these concerns. Hence why I always recommend to come in our office to create a fully customized treatment game plan with one of our Medical Providers to get you right on track!

Helping patients is a passion of ours, hence why we offer complimentary consultations for the first 15 minutes and open 7 days a week. Why wait to get started? Call us today at 818-783-3600


By Melissa Colon

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