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A Personal PDO Thread Journey

By November 26, 2018 Featured, Treatments

Albeit blessed with decent genetics, one thing I’ll never have is a jawline sculpted from steel. Though I can accept god-given bone structure, what I will not accept, is being flat faced, with a saggy turkey neck to boot! Unfortunately, that’s presently what’s transpiring.

Having done dermal fillers consistently for years, I’ve always found that the best course of action for optimal results has never been best suited for my real life. More specifically, I sleep directly ON my face. How, you might ask? Just ask anyone who isn’t a “back sleeper”, and they’ll tell ya, it’s a thing. Yes, obviously if I could force myself to not move around in the night, I might look 25 instead of 35, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. A jarring 86% of Americans sleep on their side, (10%-12% of that on their stomachs), leaving only a small percentage able to actively sleep on their backs, legitimately reversing the signs of aging, while sleeping. Lucky them. For the rest of us, there’s NovaThreads.

NovaThread’s fully absorbable PDO Threads are making great strides in medical aesthetics. Paving the way for those of us who feel like we could use a facelift but aren’t nearly ready to make that leap. Completely biocompatible with human facial and body tissues, the PDO Threads are implanted in the subcutaneous tissue to activate fibroblasts, stimulating collagen production.

This is going to not only add volume but also restore (or provide) shape and contour, but in a natural way. Over a period of four to six months the PDO Threads will be fully absorbed, but the benefit of newly produced collagen will be much longer lasting.

In all honesty, I have always been apprehensive and skeptical about PDO Thread lift procedures and the like. Mostly, because I’m wary of invasive treatments, I felt like this technique crossed the line into cosmetic surgery territory. I was tempted a few times beforehand to cancel my appointment… however, vanity is a relentless mistress.

The NovaThread procedure itself isn’t nearly as intimidating as the videos that I’d watched had made it seem.

Fully prepped and ready to go, I considered if having looked in the mirror was even a good idea. As soon as I caught a glimpse, the only thing I could think was WHO Art’ed???

Looking like a True Picasso painting, I admittedly should have just stopped while I was ahead.

No drama, and no cause for concern (bar the movie that played inside my head). I started to tremble a bit with anxiety, but fortunately, the providers at Blue have such a great and controlled demeanor, they kept me calm simply by telling me how great I was doing!

The result? An immediate, noticeable lifting action, some swelling adds a visible volume increase, and with time healthier skin regeneration, thanks to collagen production.

In conclusion, in looking at my face straight on, a much cleaner and firmer jawline is clearly visible and my side profile from chin to neck, also, definitely sharper.

Things to think about: I’d probably reconsider my second cup of coffee (and/or Red Bull) and may heavily consider the option to take something preemptively to calm my nerves, when I repeat the experience. ** I’m an admittedly antsy, fidgety mess – and this is not something you want to be squirming around during, though the providers do work hard to make sure you’re comfortable and as numb as possible.

Science has proven time and time again that almost ANYTHING is possible. However, it’s probable that art and science together are what makes “magic.”

Blue Medi Spa would love to consult you about your esthetic goals for 2019 and talk you through our very popular personalized care plans that combine NovaThread PDO Thread lifts, laser skin therapies, dermal fillers, and wrinkle relaxing treatments, to provide you with complete facial harmonization.