Chemical Peels

Looking to steal the show with spotlessly beautiful, porcelain skin? Our Vitalize Peel makes you an instant knockout, offering amazing touches to tone and texture as quick as can be. Shine got you down? Our grease grabbing Blemish Blast can turn that frown upside down and make you glow for the right reasons. No matter what you need, Blue’s peels and skin treatments will let put your best face forward!

Vitalize Peel $175

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities suddenly look years younger without going under the knife? The secret to it all is a Vitalize peel which offers proven lifting, beautifying results with no surgery involved. By invigorating the collagen, it tightens the texture of your skin to fight fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and the other major signs of aging for a younger, healthier look without all the fuss or recovery time. Definitely a priority before laser treatments, while subsequent Blue facials and O2 treatments the next week will really ramp up your results. If you’re looking to really strike it big, double down with an extra strength peel to hit the skincare jackpot.

True Blue Power Peel $250

Is pimply skin making your patience run thin? Blemishes and spots got your stomach in knots? Now is the time to fight back with all your might and kick those problems to the curb with the help of the True Blue Power Peel—the ultimate mega peel money can buy! Packing double the peeling punch of Vitalize for even more amazing advanced collagen stimulation that promises powerful results—firming up tired, sagging skin, attacking acne, losing those laugh lines and wrinkles, and giving you brighter, beautiful skin. Makes a perfect pairing a Blue Infusion. If you’ve tried the rest, now it’s time to try the best peel in town.

Blemish Blast $150

Keep your chin up and face the day with confidence! Get the better of those blemishes—unclogging those pesky, pimply pores and detoxifying your skin with Blemish Blast, an anti-acne advanced micro peel that really works. Leaves your skin looking clean and clear and feeling sexy, sassy and smooth. Better still, kiss those problems goodbye for good with a Bye Bye Acne Blues facial the week after your powerful peel.

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