You’re Favorite Show Might Be Giving You “Netflix Face”

Every morning I overindulge in the peaceful bliss of sleeping family members, an obscenely large cup of coffee, and catch up on some recently missed prime-time TV.

Some people need air, others need ‘Scandal’ (or ‘Game of Thrones’).

When I first heard the term, “Netflix Face,” I assume it referred to some snarky look I’d probably been making for longer than I’d realized.

Nope! My sudden onset of dehydrated, aging, broken out skin was brought on by none other than my late night, early morning TV/movie binges. *WARNING: This could also possibly be attributed to countless hours spent on InstaGram, YouTube or SnapChat.*

A widely-known UK dermatologist advised, “There seems to be emerging evidence that light from cell phones and computer screens, which is referred to as high energy visible (HEV) light, can in fact penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin.”

Could this POSSIBLY be true? I’m all about finding an answer (or an excuse) for everything. But this, I wasn’t ready for.

While less likely to acquire this look from a television; your computer, tablet and cell phone just became enemy #1.

So what can we do?? Catering to the limitless potential of our interweb addictions may no longer be a guilt free pleasure. But there are ways to curb the visual pitfalls of our vices. The secret: SUNSCREEN!

I know, now you’re wondering what sales guru found a way to get you to need to wear your sunblock INSIDE the house. But it’s true. The immense light displayed by ANY level of tech brightness emits the same cell damaging levels of free radicals and reactive oxygen cells.  These reactive cells are creating inflammation and breaking down your skin’s collagen!!

Aside from your standard, over the counter, collagen building procedures and products, what are you doing to protect what you’re already working with?? You pay $156 for a serum that smells like dirty, wet rocks, but do you even wear your sunscreen?  Your foundation’s SPF 8 doesn’t count, either.

Sunscreen can do WAY more for you than just bring back the aromas of summer. Studies have shown that anti-oxidant and protein based sunscreens, like IS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF 30, are not only protecting you from future damage, but also reversing some of the damage that already been done.

Don’t love hardcore white sunscreen? Revision’s Intellishade SPF45 is the ONLY color matching tinted moisturizer that is clinically proven and client tested, to minimize the signs of aging in as little as 12 weeks. (And it provides GREAT coverage!!!)

IS Clinical, Skin Medica, and Revision all offer physician recommended products with anti-oxidants, and protective proteins. Come visit us to see and feel the difference for yourself.

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