Ulthera – My Success Story

Sure, okay. There’s been a long time consideration when it came to Ultherapy. With constant advancements in medical cosmetics and technology, staying at the top of the game isn’t as easy as it sounds. Well recognized, competing companies, always try to tell you why their machines are bigger, better and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In walks Ulthera, “See the beauty of sound,” they say. Advanced ultrasound wave technology so good, that literally, might as well have blown our socks off. As we researched its results, I have to be honest; I rolled my eyes more than a few times. I am a natural-born skeptic and results seemed too good to be true, on so many levels. The pictures I saw must have been ‘retouched’ and the testimonials most definitely were skewed. How could so many differently aged individuals ALL get some type of result?? I am 100% sure this is why I, personally, was chosen to be the model for this Ultherapy treatment. I didn’t have extreme expectations and went into the treatment with an open mind, hoping to be proven wrong. (And boy was I!)

So, there I was, ready to go. The RN went over the entire Do’s and Dont’s, what it would feel like, and after effects.

There were a few options when it came to preparation. I could take some Advil at home before arriving (I took 4, as previously directed. I’m a trooper, but I’m still delicate), or they offered an in-house cocktail of RX strength pain relievers and muscle/nerve relaxers. My preparation for the treatment was really easy. Once on the table in the room with the nurses, the Ultherapy began. I have a high tolerance for pain, so at first, I wasn’t affected by the strange sensation of the ultrasound waves. They traveled, what felt like, through my skin and all the way down to the muscle. There were some areas on my face that felt, shall we say, ‘spicy,’ around the jaw-line, cheek bones and temples. I probably should have followed their suggestion for a stronger pain-killer or at the very least, the Xanax. I am skeptical AND stubborn.

Now that there was no going back, I asked again about what to expect after the treatment. They had mentioned minimal discomfort but that NO ONE would be able to visibly see that I’d had anything done. Would I need to hide under a huge hat? NO. Would I need to cancel my dinner plans? NOPE. Do I need to use a series of only their products to see results? NO! Sure, okay, amazing, but almost unbelievable.

Once the treatment was over, I felt an immediate warming of my face. There was an obvious sensation under my skin. Something was happening! At this point, I needed reassurance that my no pain, no gain theory wasn’t all for nothing. My face and neck felt super sensitive, but not to the touch. Deep under the skins surface, I knew something magical was occurring. I could feel the deep ‘bruising,’ that I had read about. However, there was, in fact, absolutely no sign of Ultherapy on my skin. I was able to apply my make-up immediately after and go right back to work.

For the first month after the treatment, I could see my face changing. I had immediate tissue contraction; these jowls (inherited from my father), were slowly disappearing. I’d looked like I’d recently had Botox in my forehead and around my eyes, when in-fact it had been months.

I had slight tingling, numbness and an over-all firming/tightening particularly in my neck and cheek area. There were times when I had thought maybe it’s stopped working, and just then a zinger or two would remind me that I have a ways to go.


  • 8 months ago

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