Fat Loss

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Did Santa bring you a muffin-top for Christmas? Time to say Buh-Bye to that extra winter coat. 
SculpSure is a truly revolutionary procedure, using a laser contouring system that directs laser energy to the fat, releasing it from the targeted area! An external, non-invasive technology that reduces treated fat deposits up to 25% in a 25 minute office procedure, with ZERO downtime. 25 MINUTES?! Yes! 
SculpSure is the ONLY FDA approved device to use controlled (heat) hyperthermic technology. It’s not a coagulation temperature. It is a temperature that shocks the fat cells, causing them to die over the next few weeks. At the same time that the fat is being heated, the skin is being chilled by the applicator head. So, this is something that can treat all skin types because there’s no reaction in the skin. Whether you’re fair or very dark skinned, the skin remains unaffected. 
Versatility is a huge benefit of using SculpSure. With it’s four separate applicator heads, you can treat multiple areas at once. Or you can adjust the pattern or arrangement of the four heads, depending on where you need it. 
It is important to note that SculpSure is not a weight loss treatment rather it is a body contouring procedure, it also works best on those who have a BMI of less than 30. Our specialists can help you determine your BMI and candidacy during consultation. 
Please enjoy the video we’ve included to see just how exciting the launch of SculpSure really is, and how heat is changing the game, going far beyond cold.