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Each year, American Spa Magazine’s Professional Choice Awards grow as industry insiders vote for their favorite spas and top products. In the running are day spas, medical spas and resort spas from around the globe. The Top Med Spa award is given to professionals, by professionals, based on industry excellence.

What is “industry excellence”? Is it a good deal? Is it cleanliness, kindness?

What makes a solid business? Who determines the definition of success?

When given multiple choices, choosing is easy. When you have to decide for yourself, the question gains much deeper meaning.

Built from the ground up, Blue Medi Spa stands as a pillar in our community for beauty, health and wellness. Known by clients and industry peers as “the place to go” for all things laser and cosmetic.

Touted by medical skin care professionals and world renowned pharmaceutical enterprises, Blue Medi Spa, has yet again, been aptly named one of American Spa Magazine’s Top Medical Spas (in the whole world).

Success in the medispa industry goes far beyond the competition of market pricing. Good friendly competition allows for a client to choose their own options. Pricing may be an initial deciding factor, however, what price can be put on your experience?

There are two very large chain stores that offer the same product I use quite regularly. One sells in an 8 pack, for $7.30, and the other sells in a 4 pack for $5.99. Now, I’m not one to overlook a good bargain, but between location, accessibility, holiday traffic, and general staff knowledge and kindness, one will always get my business over the other.

I’d gladly pay a little bit more to not feel like I’ve completely lost myself in the shuffle of the overall experience. This seems to run true in many aspects of life. Some are built for the struggle, some of us just want to live.

As leaders in our field, we believe in exceptional customer service, advanced education for clients and providers alike, and an experience that goes beyond the basic shuffle of “get em in and get em out.”

Brand representatives and business managers from across the nation stop in to visit, ask specifically for our feedback, and invite us to participate in private product launches prior to consumer release.

We couldn’t be more proud to accept this title, and we will continue to honor its’ integrity by keeping up the hard work. Blue Medi Spa is more than a brand, we’re a family. Come see why feeling Blue never felt better!

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