Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sunny, Southern California. Known for our three annual seasons (since apparently Fall isn’t a thing anymore), and two, very specific gripes. “OMG it’s so hot,” or “OMG it’s freezing!” There is not much of an in between, and though us Angelenos really do love our summer sun, we look forward to the relief a little winter can provide. Winter in LA generally has us shivering through a few 40-50 degree months. Still, somehow we manage to survive the occasional 29 degree overnights and relatively crispy, wind chill. How, you ask? With super trendy boots, and puffy jackets, of course!

Ah, Yes… Winter! Holidays, check! New Year, new me, check! Got kids? Back to school, check!

Everything is under control, back to normal and a fresh 44 degrees outside. So why am I still sweating?? When you can’t catch a break, there may a deeper underlying reason.

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, targets more than 10% of the general population (or at least those that will admit to it).

There are some of us who produce insane amounts of body heat, all year long. Menopause, amongst other factors can contribute to these hot flashes. Over active endocrine systems, high metabolisms, and anxiety are just a few. Sweating is how your body cools itself, removes toxins and balances our salt levels.

The simplest way to get your sweating under control is seemingly a clinical strength anti-perspirant, however, this has been known to be too aggressive to more sensitive skin types leaving some of us feeling hopeless.

Well, fear not my sweaty friends! There is another answer. Hyperhidrosis can easily be treated with a set number of Botox injections that help to stop the neuron signals that tell your body to excessively sweat.

As the second most requested treatment by men, this standalone service really does serve its purpose. With results lasting anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, the screeching halt of psychological and personal distress alone, is worth every penny. Treatment areas include: underarms (axilla), hands (palms) and Feet, or even the upper lip.

We recommend that this service ONLY be done by a trained professional. With our advanced injectors, you can always count on top notch service and treatment education. Have more questions? We’re ready to answer them!!

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