Building Bridges – The Non-Surgical Nose Job

I am fully aware that I have been blessed with my mother’s nose. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but definitely a looker. It has signature crack right down the center of the tip. If you too have this type of nose, we might be related. Whether it be heredity, ethnicity or just good old fashioned poor self-esteem, we all have gripes about the parts we were born with.

As I’ve aged, I’ve grown into my nose quite nicely, or so I’d thought. Make-up is magical, yes, but contouring can only take you so far. If you’re anything like me, an overly animated face-toucher, then you already know that the benefits of make-up usually last about a good hour before you remember that you even had it on in the first place.

A nose job or rhinoplasty, was never a consideration for me. I never disliked my nose so much that I couldn’t look at it. I didn’t have any distinct breathing issues or vision impairments. I did, however, grow up in the heart of Los Angeles, where complexities are handed out by the baker’s dozen, free of charge.

Working alongside some of the best in the beauty industry, for now more than 10 years, I’ve been lucky enough to see a number of things, YOU’D have to see for yourself, to believe. Quick fixes, instant gratification and yea, maybe a little bit of blood. As treatments and techniques advanced over the years, so did my interest.

When the mastery that is the ‘Non-Surgical Nose Job’ first became a household name, a glow from every girl for miles-wide, shone so bright that even Instagram couldn’t contain the excitement. With advanced trainings and intense workshops, the providers at Blue work day and night to make sure they offer only the best in treatment and expectation of result. So I bit the bullet and tried it out myself.

We started with a consultation, and numbing cream. 20 minutes later, I was a new girl and beyond thrilled. In less than half an hour my nose went from “This is my good side,” to “You’ll want a picture from both sides.” Minimal downtime, and less pain than I’d expected. A little bit of Kenalog (cortisone) and approx. half a syringe of Juvederm, and I had no more visible bump and a noticeable lift in the deflated tip area, I was truly impressed.


Blue Medi Spa offers complimentary consultations, and would be more than happy to see if there are any tiny tricks of the trade that could enhance your self-esteem. Call us for more information or visit on social media @bluemedicalspa.

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