Bat your lashes all you want, but lips draw the most attention. Lips can pout, entice, and excite. Have your lips ever been as alluring as you’d like? Maybe they aren’t what they once were?

With a 93% patient satisfaction rating, lip enhancement can be beneficial at any and every age. Subtle enhancements with nonsurgical treatments can make a significant and positive change to one’s overall look.

In our 20s, Lip enhancements are done more commonly to remedy natural asymmetry, super thin lips or when the corners droop down, to help turn that frown upside down. Thankfully dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can be used to address any of these issues.

In our 30s, the loss of collagen and elastin can contribute to wrinkles on and around the lips. Years of sun exposure with limited lip protection, can also do some heavy duty damage. Specialty fillers like Restylane Silk and Belotero, can help to soften the appearance of the lines and even halt them from getting worse.  

With that in mind, in our 40s, treatments are used to counteract the signs of aging. Laugh lines are becoming more pronounced, and the lip shape itself, as well as areas around the lips, are starting to change structurally. The corners of our mouths become weaker, drawing the mouth downwards even farther. This may be time to consider other dermal fillers and/or treatment options for the rest of your facial features, so that you can create a good support system for your enhancements.

Blue’s providers elegantly use artistry with a mix of fillers and neurotoxins to help recreate the Cupid’s bow, the curve at top of the lip, and the vertical lines that run from the base of the nose to the top points of the lips, restoring definition. Juvederm Ultra Plus and Restylane Lyft are very popular choices for this look!

In our 50s, there are overall changes to your entire visage that may or may not be pleasing to the eye. The lack of elasticity in the skin (due to the loss of collagen and elastin) and incremental drooping that starts mid-face, can actually lengthen the space between the nose and lips meaning that, with time, the lips themselves have in fact drooped (just like everything else).

In our 60s and Beyond: Maybe you’ve done treatments for years. Or maybe you’re just starting out. Reconstructing key areas, including restoring the fullness of the lips and facial structures around the mouth, are crucial at this stage in life. There is such a thing as being conservative, however it’s important to not sell yourself short by under treating either.  

While tweaks and touches in our 20s and 30s are focused more on correcting that which nature did not naturally bestow upon us, the focus in our 40s, 50s, and beyond is essentially to restore to our previously youthful appearance.

Whether we’re searching for the perfect lips we once had, or one we never had in the first place, nonsurgical solutions are as easy as stopping by. No matter what stage you find yourself in, Blue Medi Spa will consult one on one to find the solution that suits your face, and your cosmetic goals.

Sunny, Southern California. Known for our three annual seasons (since apparently Fall isn’t a thing anymore), and two, very specific gripes. “OMG it’s so hot,” or “OMG it’s freezing!” There is not much of an in between, and though us Angelenos really do love our summer sun, we look forward to the relief a little winter can provide. Winter in LA generally has us shivering through a few 40-50 degree months. Still, somehow we manage to survive the occasional 29 degree overnights and relatively crispy, wind chill. How, you ask? With super trendy boots, and puffy jackets, of course!

Ah, Yes… Winter! Holidays, check! New Year, new me, check! Got kids? Back to school, check!

Everything is under control, back to normal and a fresh 44 degrees outside. So why am I still sweating?? When you can’t catch a break, there may a deeper underlying reason.

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, targets more than 10% of the general population (or at least those that will admit to it).

There are some of us who produce insane amounts of body heat, all year long. Menopause, amongst other factors can contribute to these hot flashes. Over active endocrine systems, high metabolisms, and anxiety are just a few. Sweating is how your body cools itself, removes toxins and balances our salt levels.

The simplest way to get your sweating under control is seemingly a clinical strength anti-perspirant, however, this has been known to be too aggressive to more sensitive skin types leaving some of us feeling hopeless.

Well, fear not my sweaty friends! There is another answer. Hyperhidrosis can easily be treated with a set number of Botox injections that help to stop the neuron signals that tell your body to excessively sweat.

As the second most requested treatment by men, this standalone service really does serve its purpose. With results lasting anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, the screeching halt of psychological and personal distress alone, is worth every penny. Treatment areas include: underarms (axilla), hands (palms) and Feet, or even the upper lip.

We recommend that this service ONLY be done by a trained professional. With our advanced injectors, you can always count on top notch service and treatment education. Have more questions? We’re ready to answer them!!

Call us, come by, or visit us on social media @bluemedicalspa to see our patient’s beauty transformations, and to see what the buzz is all about!

This year my friends will average around age 35, and instead of dreading turning another year older, we’re learning to embrace it, with lots of cocktails and a spin of the Roulette wheel, no less. Somewhere along the line we gratefully stopped trembling at the thought of getting older and started feeling thankful for every year that comes our way.

My grandfather once told me not to think about age as a number but just to be thankful that another birthday comes around. It really made me think how lucky we are to spend time with the people we love, doing the things that make us happy. Time is precious. And while I’m especially fond of birthdays, I’m not fond of the ever increasing lines on my friends’ foreheads or the new lines we now have around our eyes and mouths.

Thanks to Apps with airbrushing and filters, we’ve been lured into thinking we have the complexion of an 18 year old, but in real life that’s not exactly the case.

The last 72 hours I’ve spent a vast portion of time getting my hair and makeup done for various holiday events and one thing that staring at yourself in a mirror for hours on end will do, is make you hone in on your flaws (or your bestie’s). Sometimes it makes you feel better to picture someone else you love needing it more than you, and taking the jump, too!  As we sat there talking about holiday plans, parties, etc., there became a steady stream of horrifying realizations as the girls started to see their complexions for what they really were. On closer inspection it seemed that the reflecting faces were less Gigi Hadid and more Gordon Ramsey…and so began the plan of action.

Blue Medi Spa offers top notch wrinkle relaxers like Botox and Dysport to help relax the muscles that make those cringe-worthy facial expressions. (PS, cringing doesn’t help either). Whether you’re a squinter, a frowner, or a big smiler, there’s no real downside to this type of treatment. In as little as 15 minutes, you can change your next 3 months. With lines softened and less facial muscular movements, you appear more lighthearted, graceful and well, happy. Resting ‘B” face is a REAL thing, guys!

When you look at your photos and all you can see are LINES (and volume loss), you may feel at the end of your rope. However, it is important to note that you are your harshest critic and where you see only your flaws, others may simply be noticing your clear complexion or your long lashes.

You see, my friends and I have very expressive faces. If we hate what you’re saying, you’ll know it.  There is nothing wrong with being expressive but the lines get, quite frankly, out of control.

An effective at home skin care regime can ensure that your complexion stays clear *mostly* but there is only so much anti-aging skincare can do. My personal beauty routine has progressed from simply skincare, to procedures of a more advanced nature including: wrinkle relaxers, microdermabrasion facials, laser skin therapies, and now dermal fillers. The more I talk about Botox, Dysport and their big brothers Juvederm and Restylane (we’ll get to those another time), the more tempted they are to give it a try. Slowly removing their doubt, scared that once they start they’ll end up spending a fortune and or looking like a Real Housewife.

What are you doing to slow the signs of aging? Have you made your friends take the leap? Come visit us and become part of the conversation at, and follow us on social media @bluemedicalspa.

Patients are often surprised to learn that there’s a big difference between moisturizing and hydration. Moisturizing, or moisturization, is the process or act, in which the skin gets hydrated, for example applying your daily serums, and sunscreens.

While hydration directly reflects the water levels in the skin, and helps increase the benefits of the addition

Hyaluronic acid is a natural, “water-loving” substance found in the skin—acting as your body’s natural hydrator. HA holds in moisture, keeping skin healthy, resilient, and supple. With age, the amount of HA in the skin decreases, diminishing your skin’s ability to remain hydrated. Between the ages of 40-50, your skin has already lost more than 50% of the HA it had at age 20!!

Not sure what to do or where to start? Check out a few of our favorites below, or ask any one of our specialists for a complimentary VISIA skin analysis!

HA5 from Skin Medica ($178, 2oz) supports the skin’s ability to replenish its own Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for overall skin health. HA5 has a proprietary mix of five HA forms that smooth the skin, thereby decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The five HA’s work synergistically to provide immediate smoothing and continuous hydration throughout the day.

Most topical HA products only hydrate the surface of the skin temporarily. HA5 is powered by VITISENSCE™ Technology, a SkinMedica® exclusive technology that harnesses potent antioxidants.


HA5 is ideal for all skin types and the perfect complement to an existing regimen designed to prevent and combat many signs of aging.

HYDRA-COOL® SERUM from IS Clinical ($90, 1oz) is formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate, and soothe the skin. This refreshing, powerful, penetrating serum combines superior antioxidants with essential botanicals and bio-nutrients. HYDRA-COOL SERUM is designed for all skin types and for all ages, and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Key Ingredients like Vitamin B5, Mushroom Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Centella Asiatica, help to provide the benefits listed below!


  • Provides intensive, penetrating hydration,
  • Cools, calms, and soothes dry, irritated skin
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Great for blemish-prone or sunburned skin
  • Excellent for use after shaving, for men
  • Excellent for travel (helps replenish the dehydrating effects of air travel)
  • Can combine with any “”active”” treatment product to accommodate acclimation
  • Helps revitalize the appearance of aging and compromised skin

HydraPlus Active Fluid from BABOR ($46, 7 ampoules, 1 week regimen) is an active concentrate in an ampoule form to provide a moisture boost for dry or dehydrated skin. It supplies the skin with intensive moisture and instantly lends the complexion a smoother and fresher appearance. A complex of hyaluronic acid and a polymer moisturizer hydrates and protects the skin against natural moisture loss.

Each HydraPlus Active Babor ampoule has same effect on your skin as drinking 8 glasses of water a day! They come in perfect little glass bottles that help retain the integrity of the active ingredients, and are preset in a designated pack of 7 for the week!

The trick with this product is that you do not have to change up your current regimen, you just add this to it for 7 days!!

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With Christmas being only a few days away, you may be short on time to get that holiday glow your out-of-town visitors gloat over you for.

We all want to look our very best during the holidays, but those endless late nights spent indulging in festive drinks with colleagues and friends, combined with those rich foods that we find it so hard to resist, all conspire to leave us feeling bloated, with greasy, tired looking skin.

So why not make this year different and embark on a pre-Christmas preparation plan, and ensure you’ll look your very best come the big day.


So now that everyone can tell that Christmas stresses you out, how can you even begin to pretend to look like you’re well rested?

You have probably heard of this treatment that has been around for decades. Botox uses a natural protein to smooth out frown lines that are typical between the eyebrows as people age. It can also diminish the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and in the forehead area. When Botox is administered, the practitioner assures that the patient’s natural features and appearance are retained. A Botox session lasts for just about 30 minutes or less, and the effects of the treatment last for a few months.

Dermal Fillers

Yet another excellent pre-holiday medical spa treatment involves using dermal fillers. It addresses the skin changes that occur along with the aging process by filling in the fullness and volume that diminish over time. The effects from using dermal fillers are apparent immediately after the treatment occurs and can last as long as 6 months or even longer than a year. Lips, cheeks and undereyes are the season’s most popular filler treatments.


The most essential part of holiday-prepped skin has to be our Oxygen and Fire and Ice facials. While our at home skincare regime may serve us well, it’s always a good idea to top it up with a specialist to stimulate circulation, reawaken natural radiance, and soothe and hydrate tired skin ready for a relaxing holiday. 24-48 hours prior to a big event will give you maximum benefits!

With a huge range of customizable facials, we can help pick something that best suits your skin’s needs.


Each year, American Spa Magazine’s Professional Choice Awards grow as industry insiders vote for their favorite spas and top products. In the running are day spas, medical spas and resort spas from around the globe. The Top Med Spa award is given to professionals, by professionals, based on industry excellence.

What is “industry excellence”? Is it a good deal? Is it cleanliness, kindness?

What makes a solid business? Who determines the definition of success?

When given multiple choices, choosing is easy. When you have to decide for yourself, the question gains much deeper meaning.

Built from the ground up, Blue Medi Spa stands as a pillar in our community for beauty, health and wellness. Known by clients and industry peers as “the place to go” for all things laser and cosmetic.

Touted by medical skin care professionals and world renowned pharmaceutical enterprises, Blue Medi Spa, has yet again, been aptly named one of American Spa Magazine’s Top Medical Spas (in the whole world).

Success in the medispa industry goes far beyond the competition of market pricing. Good friendly competition allows for a client to choose their own options. Pricing may be an initial deciding factor, however, what price can be put on your experience?

There are two very large chain stores that offer the same product I use quite regularly. One sells in an 8 pack, for $7.30, and the other sells in a 4 pack for $5.99. Now, I’m not one to overlook a good bargain, but between location, accessibility, holiday traffic, and general staff knowledge and kindness, one will always get my business over the other.

I’d gladly pay a little bit more to not feel like I’ve completely lost myself in the shuffle of the overall experience. This seems to run true in many aspects of life. Some are built for the struggle, some of us just want to live.

As leaders in our field, we believe in exceptional customer service, advanced education for clients and providers alike, and an experience that goes beyond the basic shuffle of “get em in and get em out.”

Brand representatives and business managers from across the nation stop in to visit, ask specifically for our feedback, and invite us to participate in private product launches prior to consumer release.

We couldn’t be more proud to accept this title, and we will continue to honor its’ integrity by keeping up the hard work. Blue Medi Spa is more than a brand, we’re a family. Come see why feeling Blue never felt better!

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Sounds like science. Feels like love.

Phew. ..We’ve past thanksgiving. But as we rapidly approach the more carb-heavy holidays, many of my clients complain of the “Mid-Holiday Bloat.”

Between sweets, sodium levels and complex carbohydrates it can seem impossible to get those October pants to fit the way they’re supposed to.

If you didn’t already know, your gut is made up of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help keep harmful pathogens in check, aid digestion and nutrient absorption, and can contribute to better immune function.

Probiotics help to replace lost good-bacteria, keeping your digestive track in line.

So what makes a good probiotic? The right balance of live cultures, and a good digestive enzyme.

Blue believes that good health starts in your belly. With a list of great benefits (like the one below), who could deny probiotics’ claims towards better health?

· boosting immune system
· preventing and treating urinary tract infections
· improving digestive function
· healing inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS
· managing and preventing eczema in children
· fighting food-borne illnesses

Blue Medi Spa’s Probiotic (Blue-Biotic) is a unique combination of superior, room temperature probiotic Lacto Spores, and a digestive enzyme blend (DigeZyme) that includes our favorite, ginger root extract. This combination has been designed to improve digestive function, which in turn leads to an overall healthier body and metabolism.

Each capsule of Blue’s Probiotic contains one billion spores of Bacillus Coagulans, which once they reach the favorable environment of the digestive system. In a vegetative form, they restrict the growth of harmful microbes by competing for nutrients and generating lactic acid. This can help improve digestion, relieve constipation, manage lactose intolerance, and improve immune function.

Blue’s Probiotic contains a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes derived from microbial sources that assist in the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Who doesn’t want that?

Ginger extract is one of our favorite digestive aids. Ginger extract is produced from the root of the plant and standardized to 20% gingerols. Studies have shown that gingerols specifically provide multiple health benefits including: improved digestion, anti-inflammatory benefits, and overall immune system support.

One month with these bad boys, and you’ll feel as good as new. For long lasting benefits, we suggest continued use of this product unless otherwise recommended by your physician.

Need more support, that’s what we’re here for! Come visit us to find out if our Probiotic is right for you or for more information follow us on social media @bluemedicalspa.

Did you know that going to bed with your makeup on can age your skin up to seven
times faster?

While we really have no clue how anyone has come up with the magical ‘seven times’
factor, there may actually be some serious truth behind it.

Most makeup contains artificial colors and other ingredients that may clog the pores.
This can cause damaging chemical reactions in and on top of the skin, and can even
interfere with your hormones. Resulting in congested skin and allergies, and of course contribute to skin aging, it seems it may really be best to thoroughly remove your makeup before bed.

If you really can’t or just won’t, get into this habit, look for makeup companies that offer
more natural and less harmful ingredients.

We LOVE Revision’s Intellishade, color-matching, tinted moisturizer, for its sun protection factor (SPF45), great anti-aging benefits, and fairly decent coverage.

Your skin is your primary defender and protective barrier to the harsh environment we live in. If you don’t help it ‘reset’ on a daily basis to purge any damage and inflammation, your defenses weaken and unwanted changes to your gene patterns occur to compensate.

Leaving makeup on overnight without cleaning your skin leads to greater build-up of damaging agents, which accumulate and accelerate the aging process.

Hannah Hatcher, global educator for make-up company, Jane Iredale says, “Washing your face before going to sleep is essential in the fight against aging skin. Our makeup can allow free radicals that we are exposed to during everyday life, to cling to our skin. If we do not wash our faces before we go to bed at night, our skin is exposed to free radical damage that can prematurely age the skin as we sleep.”

IS Clinical offers a great cleanser that can be utilized as a make-up remover as well! pH balanced for your best and most effective wash, it targets acne causing bacteria, helps to minimize pores, and deep cleanses without drying out your skin.

Come visit us for a complimentary VISIA skin analysis to see how you fare with within your peers, and if your current skin care and make-up regimen is helping or hurting your future face.

In 2016, more than 64 percent of American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery members report having more new patients under the age of 30.

“The constant trending of hashtags and social media has accelerated the visibility of, and interest in cosmetic surgery and medispa type procedures.”

According to multiple sources, many well-known facial plastic surgeons from Los Angeles to New York City, say Botox or Dysport and dermal fillers are the most popular procedures for younger clients.

We agree! Our medical director, alongside our top Physician Assistants, agree that injectables are the best tools for younger clients who want enhancement without the risks of plastic surgery. “Clients come in for a consultation, take out their phones, and pull up examples of desired features.” They want to put their best face forward for their ‘selfies’, and most often injectables are their answer, as well as their entrance into cosmetic aesthetics.

Millennials in our practice are seeking wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers. By using dermal fillers primarily to augment facial features and fill in acne scars, they also use the relaxers to prevent future effects of aging, and to maintain their vitality. But, by using BOTH together, they’re able to extend the longevity of their youthful appearance.

According to evidence reported in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there is a simple technique for prolonging the effects of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers. Researchers show that Botox and Dysport (wrinkle relaxers) can extend the life of HA fillers by reducing the muscle activity in the treated area. This study showed that HA filler application in combination with Botox significantly decreases the degradation process and increases the remaining volume at the end of the paralyzed period.”

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Every morning I overindulge in the peaceful bliss of sleeping family members, an obscenely large cup of coffee, and catch up on some recently missed prime-time TV.

Some people need air, others need ‘Scandal’ (or ‘Game of Thrones’).

When I first heard the term, “Netflix Face,” I assume it referred to some snarky look I’d probably been making for longer than I’d realized.

Nope! My sudden onset of dehydrated, aging, broken out skin was brought on by none other than my late night, early morning TV/movie binges. *WARNING: This could also possibly be attributed to countless hours spent on InstaGram, YouTube or SnapChat.*

A widely-known UK dermatologist advised, “There seems to be emerging evidence that light from cell phones and computer screens, which is referred to as high energy visible (HEV) light, can in fact penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin.”

Could this POSSIBLY be true? I’m all about finding an answer (or an excuse) for everything. But this, I wasn’t ready for.

While less likely to acquire this look from a television; your computer, tablet and cell phone just became enemy #1.

So what can we do?? Catering to the limitless potential of our interweb addictions may no longer be a guilt free pleasure. But there are ways to curb the visual pitfalls of our vices. The secret: SUNSCREEN!

I know, now you’re wondering what sales guru found a way to get you to need to wear your sunblock INSIDE the house. But it’s true. The immense light displayed by ANY level of tech brightness emits the same cell damaging levels of free radicals and reactive oxygen cells.  These reactive cells are creating inflammation and breaking down your skin’s collagen!!

Aside from your standard, over the counter, collagen building procedures and products, what are you doing to protect what you’re already working with?? You pay $156 for a serum that smells like dirty, wet rocks, but do you even wear your sunscreen?  Your foundation’s SPF 8 doesn’t count, either.

Sunscreen can do WAY more for you than just bring back the aromas of summer. Studies have shown that anti-oxidant and protein based sunscreens, like IS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF 30, are not only protecting you from future damage, but also reversing some of the damage that already been done.

Don’t love hardcore white sunscreen? Revision’s Intellishade SPF45 is the ONLY color matching tinted moisturizer that is clinically proven and client tested, to minimize the signs of aging in as little as 12 weeks. (And it provides GREAT coverage!!!)

IS Clinical, Skin Medica, and Revision all offer physician recommended products with anti-oxidants, and protective proteins. Come visit us to see and feel the difference for yourself.